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today was a good day
i cant explain it..
it was different today
it wasnt anything real special..
just better than usual..

for starters i got to sleep in
my grandma didnt have to work today so she
said shed take me to school
woke up at like 715 left the house at 730ish
got to school...same old same old really until class started
had a test in algebra..we did an assignment last time an it was the test..so he told us you have all the answers right there..so that was cool even though i dont think i did so well on it..got crts back i got a 100 percent..i fealt extra special about that
chemistry was good..it wasnt as loud as usual..some bitches werent there today or somethin..mrs loders a bitch though..there were people still talking including me and shed fucking single me out..
sure i said something about a shirt smelling like a girls undies while shes on her rag..but thats besides the point..im not the only one talking in tehre so stop fucking singling me out you dumb bitch.

lunch was pretty quiet..gym was a free day an i love those..just sat around an listened to sublime a little..i need batteries for my mp3 player..i miss it at school..

a7 was lame..took pictures of shit like usual but it was easy..

thats how most days are..just today was different for some reason and i liked it

i hope there are more days like this

ok so this weekend..ummmm
tomorrow ill prolly hang out with delanie an dave an codi
maybe a movie with the family..thats what they were talkin about but i dunnno
sunday im gunna go to jlos
hes my favorite lil mexican
haha lame
i dunno..
i need some money
monday i ahve to call chuckEcheeses cause the hiring manager wasnt there yesturday
i want this awesome guitar
its schweet
its black an supa shiny and NEW
i <3 it

i also want something else..
but i dont have the money..i dunno
maybe dustin will just let me come over an not worry about that since he was talkin about it today

off to listen to music or somethin..maybe goto bed..i might drink a lul somethin or another to spice up the nightXD

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