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hey all
so things have been goin ok
well..i just dropped a paper clip i was playin with an now im sad..but other than that its been good
nothin goin wrong
dads been gone since monday..pretty happy bout that..just hangin out with people ya know
gots a new phone an im happy bout that
i lost my charizard picture offa my last one:'(
makes me sad
soo ummmmmmmmm
guitar lesson was fun
codi went with an that was cool
they started trivia about music seein who knew more
i think codi kicked his ass
but thats ok
he asked me about something..
an of course i lied
but i dunno
i dont like lying to people
well some people anyways
but yeah if you two want him to know then youll be the one to say something
i dont think you will but im just sayin
schools good
grades are good
i think i have 2 C's?
chemistry and i think either html or some other gay computer class..but im actually learning stuff in chemistry..i might start paying attention and doing my work..but who knows..i have this thing where i say stuff that i either dont mean or mean but dont follow through with..
i should work on that..
there i go again:D

ok..so its about 1030..im pretty tired for some reason..i dunnno why
so i guess im gunna goto bed or something like that..


Avatar xyourwakingdream
03-04-06 16:42
I'm at your house. Hehe. :)
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