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so since i last posted things have been really good..with the exeption of school..it sucks so much im tired of gettin of an goin to school...summer cant come too soon cause i honestly cant take this anymore..an its not just bitching..i can feel my body giving in..its so hard to climb out of bed at 6:20 and i know that tons of people get up earlier but its just hard on me..hard to explain actually

other than it bein hard on my school has been good..
maybe 2 C's on my progress report cause i missed days and
chemisrty is GAY

so today..parents went to see the movie so me an codi got drunk..well just me..codi had a shot..my first time so dont be all..oh so he drinks..shouldnt have even done it in the first place..i was drunk..stumblin an shit..couldnt help it but then when id land an lay id be like..damnit alex stop it you fuckin dumbass..it really wasnt worth it..or was it?

it was fun though..i didnt mean to be a burden on delanie an codi..they had to baby sit me an make sure nothin happened..i feel bad about that..so like twards the end i smoked one of her cigerettes an afterwards i fealt HORRIBLE..ended up pukin after the cig an then i fealt a ton better

of course it smealt horrible but i fealt a ton better..still tipsy or whatever but better..when my parents picked me an codi up i fealt it..but was tons better..so paranoid..still am..so we get to my house an since codi spent the night friday and last night we picked up his stuff an i ask..codi do you need help gettin your stuff? yes...an im thinkin even before we get to my house..maybe codi will know that when i ask i dont mean do you honestly need help since he was straight an i was feelin it..he would say no..but he said yes so i did an when i get to my room i tell him about it an he says sorry..it was my bad for bein stoopid:) but ya know what i mean or maybe you dont..

anyways on the way home my dad stopped at burgerking for the sister an mom an i got a hamburger...i dont know why im babbling on this much..so i guess im done..its 7:35 still really early..so i have stuff to do to waste the time..eh boring..

i screwed up yesturday..honestly didnt mean to it just sorta came out my mouth..an i wish i wouldnt have..true but i didnt mean to say it...:/

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