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im soooo tired though

ok so i got my hair cut a lil..highlights in the front a lil..i dunno about it..gotta get used to it i guess...its so emo though..it makes codi look normal...

omg the concert was awesome though

some lame band called moving anus opened for them..well they were too bad i guess..2 of their songs were likeable

i love the playlist they had set up..all the good songs right after another

the big comedown is now my FAVORITE song..hearing that live was amazing

i was tired on the way back but thinkin about it now im not

ok so we get there an we get in the crowd k? sorta int he middle kinda..moving anus starts an im like..ryan lets get up there...nah nah lets wait till these guys are done..eh ok..so they finish we work our way to like..5rows away fromt he stage..its packed..like 20minutes for NIN to set up their shit..omg it was gay..everybody was crammed next to each other..hot as fuck..people sweatin smellin musty..ahhhh

they finally start..it was crazy people were pushin an it wasnt a mosh pit..just people bein pushed in a group one way an another an im like the youngest smallest guy there..the only reason i didnt fall an get trampled was because i was crammed so close to people that they were keeping me up..so half way into the thing im super hot an about to fall down an get crushed so i work my way out..get a drink an go to the bleachers an stay there for the rest of the thing..so mad about that..i wanted to be in the front row so badly..but its ok..i was close enough an i could sit down every now an then..it was so amazing though..first concert ever=AWESOME

ok so the guy i went with told me about Deftones playin there too in march..i might go see that..dunno..i had $50 now i have 13..haha..an i gotta get a lil more to go to the movies with alisha on tuesday..exciting a lil even though shes a huge tease..

shes cool though

ok so i guess i am pretty tired

im going to bed!

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