frigginpirate blogging at
02-13-06 20:15
well its been a while
not even sure why im on here right now..

ok so ive been sick since like friday

but friday night i went bowlin with some people it was fun..did pretty good for bowling like what? 5 times in my life?

first game i won with a 102 second i won with a 103 then it went down hill an i lost..oh well it was fun

buncha whiggers were there who thought they were black or pimp or something.HA.


ok so ummmmmm whats been up lately yo?

nothing here just chillin out maxin relaxin all cool and all shootin some bball outside of the school when a couple of guys who..whoops..

umm...yeah...guitar practice is wednesday..LAME..the shit hes teachin me is boring..ok so acdc is awesome an led zepplin an all that schtuff..but come on..if you make me play one more blues song im gunna smash my guitar into your FACE!>D


ok so umm...oh..this is not fun...not entertaining ONE bit.

journals are for looshas!XD