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02-13-06 20:15
well its been a while
not even sure why im on here right now..

ok so ive been sick since like friday

but friday night i went bowlin with some people it was fun..did pretty good for bowling like what? 5 times in my life?

first game i won with a 102 second i won with a 103 then it went down hill an i lost..oh well it was fun

buncha whiggers were there who thought they were black or pimp or something.HA.


ok so ummmmmm whats been up lately yo?

nothing here just chillin out maxin relaxin all cool and all shootin some bball outside of the school when a couple of guys who..whoops..

umm...yeah...guitar practice is wednesday..LAME..the shit hes teachin me is boring..ok so acdc is awesome an led zepplin an all that schtuff..but come on..if you make me play one more blues song im gunna smash my guitar into your FACE!>D


ok so umm...oh..this is not fun...not entertaining ONE bit.

journals are for looshas!XD


01-26-06 20:39
well its been a while

not much has happened really

i got outa the lame study hall and am an aide for my english teacher from last year

so um school..pretty good i spose

im getting very lazy in some of my classes..well..actually with the exception of chemistry i do my work in my classes..'in' being the key word there..

if im assigned homework you can pretty much bet its not gunna get done..

i have some stupid project for chemistry due tomorrow..well part of it anyways..its worth fuckin 30points..all this work for only 30points?its a lot since semester started not long ago but all this work for only that?


this layout is pretty lame..i want a new one..i have like 2 in mind..but i dunno

i know how to make layouts sorta..but looking at the settings stuff on here..its all i dunno if its gunna happen hella bored...this is really sad

well im off to do somethin or another until i decide to go to bed


01-18-06 15:06

passed all my classes last semester:D 3 A's 3 B's an 2 D's

pretty proud of myself:)

would only have 1 D but i misses my final in a class cause i was sick an didnt get a chance to make it up

well..i dunno what else to say..things are going well..have a study hall im hoping to get rid of..maybe be a student aid for a teacher from last prolly say yes


01-15-06 21:50
so things are lookin up.

firday or saturday..i cant for the life of my remember which day it was for some reason an its wierd...hung out with some people.

went over to a delanies house with was pretty boring for a while..a few laughs here an there but nothin 'fun'..

saw some boobies my day got better:D

hurray for boobies!!!!:D

david came over we played strip poker
connie lost the first game

delanie lost the second

i pretty much won an im happy bout that:D

2 more people came over an we listened to music an talked

i made 5 bucks for singing some gay shit delanie calls music an dancin to laffy taffy..some of the stupidest stuff ever

umm hacked it up in the dark so yeah

they broke out the oiuji(sp?) board..LAME
'Is this a bunch of BULLSHIT?!'

codi you deaf moron.
"What the fuck do you want pencils for?!?"

now that shes outa my life things are really different.

im actually..dare i say...happy?



no longer annoyed by the telephone.

i was about to throw the phone at a fucking wall if i had to go through another day of it constantly ringing for me..well i would like it to ring for me..just dont want her to be the one calling me.

so more lame depressed feeling i get all the least so far..

went to the movies with the rents..lame like usual but thats ok.

some moron in the back was laughin at the stupidest was hilarious.
my dad started laughin just because of him..
'are you laughin at the guy or the movie?' yeah..i have guitar lessons wednesday an im excited. he has a chord that you can hookup to the amp an my mp3 i might learn a song i ACTUALLY want to learn.

the songs are cool..but im gettin pretty tired of led zepplin an all the oldies week after week.

but i have to find him the tabs for the song..
so if anybody knows a good site where i can find sublime guitar tabs i would be happy:D

tomorrow i might hang out back at delanies or somethin..

me an alisha are sposed to go to the movies sometime together..but thats been said for like 2 weeks so yeah

no worries

hmm..this is pretty long isnt it?

so tomorrows monday..then tuesday..i think tuesday just might be a snowday..i havnt decided yet.

i know i should go just cause i need to make up like 3 finals..but i cant help if the weathers bad.

ok i guess im done.

01-12-06 15:00
wow..i sure do know how to pick em...

ok so i wont be posting about what happened..but somebody else will be so yeah.

well...she went from girlfriend to ex to annoying to stalker...all while being psycho..somthin like that

seriously..i just want her outa my life for good i wish i woulda never met her..

ok so had finals all i have to make up like 2 from yesturday on account of the snow day that kept me from walking outa my front door to catch the bus:P

thst gunna suck...

i cant take this shit.

01-07-06 13:49
well its been a while since ive updated..

nothin much has happened really. grades in a lot of my classes are slowly dropping

next semester is comin up an i have a study hall b8..but no teacher i can find will take me as an still passin all my classes atm

i might ask my english or biology teachers from last year

my english teacher likes me so that might work..

but i mean..whats so wrong with a study hall?i can sleep read or listen to music..thatd be cool..

i was thinkin about askin my parents if i couldg et an early out since its my last class..but i think theyd just say 'you could use that study hall to get homework done..' so i might as well not even bother

was supposed to hang out with this girl tomorrow..but i sorta forgot her number..

i think she might like me..i strongly think she does

but i could just be wrong..

shes ok..i mean shes cool..but i dunno if id date her..i like her a bit myself.. but i know?

confusing i guess...

i have a project due in english tuesday..sorta started it..but mom said she was gunna help me but hasnt..i have a report due in chemistry..thats my worse subject..who gives a fuck about chemistry..not theres some really cool people in there that id rather talk to an pass notes to than due some stupid assignment about elements...forget that shit.

umm...guitar lessons..are goin ok..its odd..whenever my dad doesnt go i dont learn much..cause well just talk about music..

we played the song that i had learned fromt he previous lesson an then he played teh next song on the cd..he couldnt remember the most of the half hour was him tryin to remember it..when he finally did we had 2 minutes left..i dunno..lately i just havnt been feeling like playing guitar..i love it to death an i want to learn..just i dunno..i dont feel like doing a lot of stuff i once loved

i want it to change though..i want to get a job..i want to get my liscense..i want to be awesome at guitar..i want to do stuff instead of sitting around

i just dont have any motivation..that reminds me of somethin one of my teachers had us write about for bell work..what motivates us..i can honestly say i dont have any real motivation other than not getting in trouble..ill do chorse..ill do soem work in school..i wont act up just so i dont get in trouble.

i do the least amount of work at everything because im so lazy

all i feel like doing lately is listening to music and sleeping. correction..lay in bed..i just wanna lay under the covers with thte lights off the entire day..thats why i wanted my room in the basement..because light doesnt show down here. i dont have a window so its awesome. i hated waking up at 10 on a saturday an not bein able to go back to sleep because the sun was shining on my face the entire time.

on another note i got jimi hendrix and the doors live..havnt watched them sister took my ps2 upstairs an ive been too lazy to take it back..i could watch it on here but ive been too busy playing my game on it..thats all i really do anymore..come home go pee get a drink an get on my game..or ill take a nap..wake up an play it../addiction.

well this is long enough for me..hopefully i will get some motivation so i can post more often.

12-28-05 21:22
soo..blind dates arent teh shit.

umm so a friend of mine calls me up an this is sorta how it went

her:hey you got a girlfriend?

me:..umm no..why?

her:im not askin you out or nothing..but i got a friend who wants a we should go to the mall tomorrow an you can meet her

me:umm..ok i guess..

soo we 3 threeway on the phone..talked for a bit..then my friend got off an left us alone..yeeeaaahhhh

dead conversations..i coulda sworn i heard crickets in the background an a need hit the floor...

so yeah today went to the mall..was llaaaammmmeee..

didnt talk least me an her..cause it was my friend the girl an her yeaah...LAME.

but her friend seems cool..just cool though..only reason i cant say anything about the girl i was goin to see is because shE DIDNT FUCKING TALK!


12-26-05 12:30
so im home.
back from the grandparents

it was alright.
didnt do much at all.

sat around..slept..

for christmas..i got an mp3 player

an a couple other things that dont matter as much:)

sooo umm..thats about it

sitting in a car for like..6 hours sucks

especially when you have a dog in there whos hyper

not much to say..later
BITCHES!!! XD 12-20-05 23:03
ok..soo umm i read somebodys yeah..pisses me off a little..

ok so theres this girl i was hopin to go out with..but now theres no way ever in hell itll happen..thanks to somebody who says they 'care' about some bitch i talk to in b2 an lunch.. umm..first off..what makes you fucking think you know everyhting when we hardly fucking talk?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?!??!?!?!kqjegkojskl;egnas;io


"I dont think (frigginpirate) REALLY likes you. He is just so confused with what he wants anymore he will go for the First thing he sees thats hot. Well youre hot he saw you and assumed he could get you again"

all i have to say about your fucking ass is you dont know shit. thats all. so fuck off.

has the words 'friend' and 'caring' changed?!..cause you sure dont fucking act like my friend and you 'care' about me when youre behind a fucking computer.

"I talk to (frigginpirate) almost everyday when we're in school and he's never said he REALLY likes you. I don't think (frigginpirate) really likes anyone... And according to what (the X) told me, him and her are still fucking around with eachother. So, I wouldn't go there if I was you."..

its really nice to know that you take the word of the person you hate an talk shit about on a regular basis over mine...

oh you really 'care' about me dont you?


member?you called me 'desperate' because i like 2 people..that makes me desperate?!?has the meaning of 'desperate' changed along with 'friend' and 'caring'?!?im seriously missing something here.

youre so fucking two faced.its annoying.

so two you two bitches..i thank you..for ruining things with a girl i REALLY liked.

you wouldnt do it if you didnt 'care' about me now would yah?;D

well christmas for me is wednesday..goin down to grandparents in st louis for xmas an the mom doesnt wanna pack the presents to take down after guitar lessons i get to open my friggin presents!!!!!@(!%*()*#JFkljsg

hmm.wonder what im gettin..i want a new amp an mp3 player an more ram for my computer..that isnt asking much now is it??

ehh..its lame thirsty bored an hot.but not its late.i have to wake up an get packed.

i hate north.

Hello, 12-17-05 22:42
Hello. So umm ive had one of these before..didnt use it that much. been super bored lately so i thought id give another one a shot. umm 16. male.
So christmas is comin up. No money so i havnt been able to get anybody. i coudl have gotten a job..but i had to be a complete dumbass an do somethin i shouldnt have. friggin peer pressure..ha fuck that wasnt peer pressure..was just my turn. ahaha. umm school? school...well grade wise isnt half bad. grades are sloooooowly dropping. that.isnt.good. so maybe i can get them back up before they drop too low. same shit happens every year.. good grades..then they just drop. .drama. lots of that in my life. caused by everybody.. but mostly one person. im trying to change that. no names ever. so well call her..i mean..the person..ummmm SALLY!!!! yes. so sally an i used to date. foeva. thats done with though.. sorta still friends.. but drama is still caused by it. so i dunno what to do. all my friends dislike sally. family? family is..well..the same as always .lame. this is long enough for my first post. hopefully i will make it a point to update on a regular basis. dunno if ill be on ehre too much though. i might try to get a layout up sometime or another. night.
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