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03-10-06 21:22
today was a good day
i cant explain it..
it was different today
it wasnt anything real special..
just better than usual..

for starters i got to sleep in
my grandma didnt have to work today so she
said shed take me to school
woke up at like 715 left the house at 730ish
got to school...same old same old really until class started
had a test in algebra..we did an assignment last time an it was the he told us you have all the answers right that was cool even though i dont think i did so well on crts back i got a 100 percent..i fealt extra special about that
chemistry was wasnt as loud as usual..some bitches werent there today or somethin..mrs loders a bitch though..there were people still talking including me and shed fucking single me out..
sure i said something about a shirt smelling like a girls undies while shes on her rag..but thats besides the not the only one talking in tehre so stop fucking singling me out you dumb bitch.

lunch was pretty quiet..gym was a free day an i love those..just sat around an listened to sublime a little..i need batteries for my mp3 player..i miss it at school..

a7 was lame..took pictures of shit like usual but it was easy..

thats how most days are..just today was different for some reason and i liked it

i hope there are more days like this

ok so this weekend..ummmm
tomorrow ill prolly hang out with delanie an dave an codi
maybe a movie with the family..thats what they were talkin about but i dunnno
sunday im gunna go to jlos
hes my favorite lil mexican
haha lame
i dunno..
i need some money
monday i ahve to call chuckEcheeses cause the hiring manager wasnt there yesturday
i want this awesome guitar
its schweet
its black an supa shiny and NEW
i <3 it

i also want something else..
but i dont have the money..i dunno
maybe dustin will just let me come over an not worry about that since he was talkin about it today

off to listen to music or somethin..maybe goto bed..i might drink a lul somethin or another to spice up the nightXD
03-01-06 20:27
hey all
so things have been goin ok
well..i just dropped a paper clip i was playin with an now im sad..but other than that its been good
nothin goin wrong
dads been gone since monday..pretty happy bout that..just hangin out with people ya know
gots a new phone an im happy bout that
i lost my charizard picture offa my last one:'(
makes me sad
soo ummmmmmmmm
guitar lesson was fun
codi went with an that was cool
they started trivia about music seein who knew more
i think codi kicked his ass
but thats ok
he asked me about something..
an of course i lied
but i dunno
i dont like lying to people
well some people anyways
but yeah if you two want him to know then youll be the one to say something
i dont think you will but im just sayin
schools good
grades are good
i think i have 2 C's?
chemistry and i think either html or some other gay computer class..but im actually learning stuff in chemistry..i might start paying attention and doing my work..but who knows..i have this thing where i say stuff that i either dont mean or mean but dont follow through with..
i should work on that..
there i go again:D its about pretty tired for some reason..i dunnno why
so i guess im gunna goto bed or something like that..

02-26-06 17:29
so since i last posted things have been really good..with the exeption of sucks so much im tired of gettin of an goin to school...summer cant come too soon cause i honestly cant take this its not just bitching..i can feel my body giving in..its so hard to climb out of bed at 6:20 and i know that tons of people get up earlier but its just hard on me..hard to explain actually

other than it bein hard on my school has been good..
maybe 2 C's on my progress report cause i missed days and
chemisrty is GAY

so today..parents went to see the movie so me an codi got drunk..well just me..codi had a first time so dont be all..oh so he drinks..shouldnt have even done it in the first place..i was drunk..stumblin an shit..couldnt help it but then when id land an lay id be like..damnit alex stop it you fuckin really wasnt worth it..or was it?

it was fun though..i didnt mean to be a burden on delanie an codi..they had to baby sit me an make sure nothin happened..i feel bad about like twards the end i smoked one of her cigerettes an afterwards i fealt HORRIBLE..ended up pukin after the cig an then i fealt a ton better

of course it smealt horrible but i fealt a ton better..still tipsy or whatever but better..when my parents picked me an codi up i fealt it..but was tons paranoid..still we get to my house an since codi spent the night friday and last night we picked up his stuff an i ask..codi do you need help gettin your stuff? im thinkin even before we get to my house..maybe codi will know that when i ask i dont mean do you honestly need help since he was straight an i was feelin it..he would say no..but he said yes so i did an when i get to my room i tell him about it an he says was my bad for bein stoopid:) but ya know what i mean or maybe you dont..

anyways on the way home my dad stopped at burgerking for the sister an mom an i got a hamburger...i dont know why im babbling on this i guess im done..its 7:35 still really i have stuff to do to waste the boring..

i screwed up yesturday..honestly didnt mean to it just sorta came out my i wish i wouldnt have..true but i didnt mean to say it...:/

02-17-06 22:47


im soooo tired though

ok so i got my hair cut a lil..highlights in the front a lil..i dunno about it..gotta get used to it i guess...its so emo makes codi look normal...

omg the concert was awesome though

some lame band called moving anus opened for them..well they were too bad i guess..2 of their songs were likeable

i love the playlist they had set up..all the good songs right after another

the big comedown is now my FAVORITE song..hearing that live was amazing

i was tired on the way back but thinkin about it now im not

ok so we get there an we get in the crowd k? sorta int he middle kinda..moving anus starts an im like..ryan lets get up there...nah nah lets wait till these guys are they finish we work our way to like..5rows away fromt he stage..its 20minutes for NIN to set up their shit..omg it was gay..everybody was crammed next to each as fuck..people sweatin smellin musty..ahhhh

they finally was crazy people were pushin an it wasnt a mosh pit..just people bein pushed in a group one way an another an im like the youngest smallest guy there..the only reason i didnt fall an get trampled was because i was crammed so close to people that they were keeping me half way into the thing im super hot an about to fall down an get crushed so i work my way out..get a drink an go to the bleachers an stay there for the rest of the mad about that..i wanted to be in the front row so badly..but its ok..i was close enough an i could sit down every now an was so amazing though..first concert ever=AWESOME

ok so the guy i went with told me about Deftones playin there too in march..i might go see that..dunno..i had $50 now i have i gotta get a lil more to go to the movies with alisha on tuesday..exciting a lil even though shes a huge tease..

shes cool though

ok so i guess i am pretty tired

im going to bed!

02-15-06 19:15



sosososososososososososo excited..awesome..EXTREME..haha.


02-14-06 19:22
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02-13-06 20:15
well its been a while
not even sure why im on here right now..

ok so ive been sick since like friday

but friday night i went bowlin with some people it was fun..did pretty good for bowling like what? 5 times in my life?

first game i won with a 102 second i won with a 103 then it went down hill an i lost..oh well it was fun

buncha whiggers were there who thought they were black or pimp or something.HA.


ok so ummmmmm whats been up lately yo?

nothing here just chillin out maxin relaxin all cool and all shootin some bball outside of the school when a couple of guys who..whoops..

umm...yeah...guitar practice is wednesday..LAME..the shit hes teachin me is boring..ok so acdc is awesome an led zepplin an all that schtuff..but come on..if you make me play one more blues song im gunna smash my guitar into your FACE!>D


ok so umm...oh..this is not fun...not entertaining ONE bit.

journals are for looshas!XD


01-26-06 20:39
well its been a while

not much has happened really

i got outa the lame study hall and am an aide for my english teacher from last year

so um school..pretty good i spose

im getting very lazy in some of my classes..well..actually with the exception of chemistry i do my work in my classes..'in' being the key word there..

if im assigned homework you can pretty much bet its not gunna get done..

i have some stupid project for chemistry due tomorrow..well part of it anyways..its worth fuckin 30points..all this work for only 30points?its a lot since semester started not long ago but all this work for only that?


this layout is pretty lame..i want a new one..i have like 2 in mind..but i dunno

i know how to make layouts sorta..but looking at the settings stuff on here..its all i dunno if its gunna happen hella bored...this is really sad

well im off to do somethin or another until i decide to go to bed


01-18-06 15:06

passed all my classes last semester:D 3 A's 3 B's an 2 D's

pretty proud of myself:)

would only have 1 D but i misses my final in a class cause i was sick an didnt get a chance to make it up

well..i dunno what else to say..things are going well..have a study hall im hoping to get rid of..maybe be a student aid for a teacher from last prolly say yes


01-15-06 21:50
so things are lookin up.

firday or saturday..i cant for the life of my remember which day it was for some reason an its wierd...hung out with some people.

went over to a delanies house with was pretty boring for a while..a few laughs here an there but nothin 'fun'..

saw some boobies my day got better:D

hurray for boobies!!!!:D

david came over we played strip poker
connie lost the first game

delanie lost the second

i pretty much won an im happy bout that:D

2 more people came over an we listened to music an talked

i made 5 bucks for singing some gay shit delanie calls music an dancin to laffy taffy..some of the stupidest stuff ever

umm hacked it up in the dark so yeah

they broke out the oiuji(sp?) board..LAME
'Is this a bunch of BULLSHIT?!'

codi you deaf moron.
"What the fuck do you want pencils for?!?"

now that shes outa my life things are really different.

im actually..dare i say...happy?



no longer annoyed by the telephone.

i was about to throw the phone at a fucking wall if i had to go through another day of it constantly ringing for me..well i would like it to ring for me..just dont want her to be the one calling me.

so more lame depressed feeling i get all the least so far..

went to the movies with the rents..lame like usual but thats ok.

some moron in the back was laughin at the stupidest was hilarious.
my dad started laughin just because of him..
'are you laughin at the guy or the movie?' yeah..i have guitar lessons wednesday an im excited. he has a chord that you can hookup to the amp an my mp3 i might learn a song i ACTUALLY want to learn.

the songs are cool..but im gettin pretty tired of led zepplin an all the oldies week after week.

but i have to find him the tabs for the song..
so if anybody knows a good site where i can find sublime guitar tabs i would be happy:D

tomorrow i might hang out back at delanies or somethin..

me an alisha are sposed to go to the movies sometime together..but thats been said for like 2 weeks so yeah

no worries

hmm..this is pretty long isnt it?

so tomorrows monday..then tuesday..i think tuesday just might be a snowday..i havnt decided yet.

i know i should go just cause i need to make up like 3 finals..but i cant help if the weathers bad.

ok i guess im done.

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